Tuesday, May 6, 2008

NB020 Shadowplay-After all those years

(drone/industrial with grind vocals)

Shadowplay started in 1996.and it's an old industrial band from Nis!
Manipulation of tracks and grind metal voice of Gary Bramil (Bratislav Milovanovic) are interesting way that Shadowplay shows us inner darkness, fear, madness, it's apocaliptyc, drone project!!!
By using of guitars, synths, tracks ,Shads changing reality by showing distorted pictures!!!
Later Gary Baramil cooperate with Third I in "This is our postapocalypse" and
"Ko ne plati na mostu platice na Cupriji colaboration cd of Cuprija's noise scene.
"After all those years" is collection of singles and good chance for band reunion with it's dark noisy industrial!!!
Soon more information about new shadowplay, discography and bandmembers!!!


1.show me your feer
2.phantoms of life
3.romance of dead souls
4.strange voices
5.way of reason

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