Tuesday, May 6, 2008

NB021 - Keep away from heat... - Des Notes de Clementines - ep


("experimental pop with a touch of kraut and post-rock")


«Des notes de clementines» - EP

1. des notes de clementines 4:12
2. heavy metal birds 3:57
2. toys 3:44

"Keep away from heat..." is one man band and it's a side project from Belgrade based musician Predrag Nedic (better known as «pndc»). "Keep away..." is most personal stuff than anything else in his music life. About genre: pndc always try to avoid genre clasifications but if you like, this may be: experimental pop with a touch of kraut and post-rock. Also, people said that «toys» is perhaps the shortest post-rock anthem, ever!
All songs on this EP are taken from fortcoming album «Helium bliss» /ammonite rec 2008/.
All songs are written, performed, aranged and produced by: pndc / http://www.myspace.com/pndc/
All voices by: d.s.c.


text by pndc.

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