Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NB053 - Headless KamikazeHeadless Kamikaze - Live @ Novorossiysk + Studio Fonogramms

(experimental/cybergind/schizo raw electronic)

Excellent project of Alexandr A. Kibanov, from Ozersk (Russia), a guy who stands behind a bunch of underunderground names such as Illnathix, Earth Incubator, .you hack the aye etc.

This is a live album (obviously), but it also includes studio versions of the songs. Live are much more interesting, though. It is very energetic, greater punk than punks , music which is both interesting and fun on one side, and nice and serious on the other.

There are also 6 3" CD copies of this album, feel free to order. price is 1.5 euros (with postage included)
trade is accepted.